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Business Development – Equine Guided Coaching


What was the situation?

Diane showed up at the Business Development Equine Program with a powerful “can do” presence and a career as a very accomplished website consultant to financial institutions. However, she was not feeling fulfilled, or feeling that she was contributing all that she could.

Diane has a passion for animals and their healing connection with people. For a long time she had dreamed of working with horses to help people move through their issues.

She and her husband had purchased a small farm to pursue her dream and she had even developed a business plan, but for some reason she had never really taken full action to manifest her dream.


What we did for the client

During the program, in one of the exercises with the horse, Diane got in touch with the fact that her energy and power wasn’t very strong regarding her declaration to create a business working with horses. Even though she had worked with horses a lot before, she couldn’t get the horse to move on the lunge line with her declaration about having an equine business serving people in struggle.

As we discussed her experience with the exercise, Diane shared that she was concerned about going into the business because the EAP (Equine Assisted Psychotherapy), and EAL (Equine Assisted Learning) weren’t “legitimate” businesses. We asked her who made that “judgment?”

After thoughtful reflection she realized that she had made the judgment. We then asked what the criteria was for a “legitimate” business…she laughed… and the “ah ha’s” began to occur.

That breakthrough experience and willingness to look at the situation from another perspective opened up all sorts of possibilities for her and she stepped through her gate.


What came out of the work we did together?

Diane got in touch with the fact that it was her own limiting belief system that was holding her back and sabotaging her dream. By thinking the business she had dreamed about, and made investments in, as a business that wasn’t “legitimate”, she had self-sabotaged herself into inaction.

As a result of the equine experience, some ongoing coaching, and a lot of personal work, she:

  • Re-wrote her business plan from a different perspective (with a revenue forecast and budget).
  • Developed a website for her equine business.
  • Graduated with her Masters in Addiction Studies.
  • Developed relationships and programs with other people with a similar dream to use horses as guides to help people in their lives.
  • Developed and implemented a very aggressive business development plan that has resulted in several ongoing client relationships with organizations that continue to provide individual clients.
  • Leveraged her relationship with the school where she was getting her Masters Degree to develop a pilot program using the EAP (Equine Assisted Psychotherapy) model to help disadvantaged women.
  • With the help of her husband and friends refurbished several of the farm buildings so they could be used for inside learning sessions.
  • Successfully launched her, and her husband’s, ongoing, successful legitimate EAP, EAL business

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