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Facilitation – Strategic Planning / Coaching


What was the situation?

A rapidly growing telecommunication firm was struggling with their rapid growth. The company was being driven by a hugely successful sales culture but now the organization structure, systems, procedures and processes needed to be put in place to ensure their customers would be satisfied with the service they received and become repeat customers – critical for the ongoing success of the business.

At the time we became involved there was no leadership team in place, the organization was being directed by the entrepreneur who began the business with a few department leads.

While the idea of creating the business with family members seemed like a good idea at the beginning, some of the family members had begun to perform poorly and there was no process in place to successfully deal with the issues and individuals involved.


What we did for the client

Through conversations we were able to achieve agreement with the Entrepreneur that he needed to begin working “On” the business as well as “In” the business. He selected a blended group of idea generators, including his department leads and some representatives from sales and service to be a part of the planning team and plan monitoring process.

Utilizing the “wisdom of the group” facilitation process, combined with the Four Stage Planning Process, we established a business plan that focused on the key issues and opportunities.

A monthly monitoring program was put in place to ensure progress was being made on the goals. The leadership team members had to regularly report progress on their goal to their peers and members of the planning team. Monthly updates were held with the rest of the employees.

Problem solving sessions involving the employees as idea generators were held when the issue or occasion warranted it. Employees were involved in identifying and creating their own solutions.

Critical to the success of this plan was the Entrepreneur’s willingness to learn how to respectfully hold people accountable.


The results of the work we did together

Sales grew from $5MM to $18MM before the company was acquired as part of a roll-up.

The last two years of annual planning involved all 76 employees providing input to the annual goals. Supervisors became adept at facilitating the ideas of the group and they solved problems internally using the “Wisdom of the Group” problem solving method when appropriate.

A big emphasis was placed on learning. A learning program and recognition system was designed, and put in place, that encouraged both leaders and employees to improve themselves.

Customer satisfaction scores continued to rise.

Employee satisfaction achieved an extremely high level.

The original workaholic culture shifted to an accountable culture where people chose to work to serve the customer because it was what they wanted to do. Quality of life became an important outcome of working together and was supported by the entrepreneur and his leaders.


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