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Facilitation – Strategic Planning / Problem Solving

Challenges the client needed to address

A large $3.2 billion dollar financial institution, the result of several mergers, was struggling to stay afloat. Two dramatically different cultures were trying to merge with little success.

The president of the financial institution was receiving three consumer complaint letters a day because of poor service.

Strategic planning had been tried before with little results. The company was $55MM in debt.


What we did for the client

Utilizing the “wisdom of the group” facilitation process combined with the Four Stage Planning Process we established 19 entrepreneurial business plans within the organization. A critical part of the planning process included focusing on the key issues and opportunities identified in the facilitated planning and problem solving meetings and leaving the meetings with action plans that people were held accountable to fulfill.

An intense monitoring program was put in place to ensure progress against these plans was regularly reviewed and the leadership team reported progress to the Board monthly.

During the journey, all 1,250 people were involved in generating ideas about how the organization could deliver better service to their customers and create completely satisfied customers.


The results of the work we did together

In five years the $55MM debt was reduced to $5MM and the company was getting ready make a public offering. 

Five new profitable business thrusts were identified and implemented resulting in significantly increased profits. Major cost areas were dramatically improved.

Customer satisfaction of depositors was dramatically improved. So much so that according to a competitor’s market research, within five years this organization had achieved the greatest level of customer satisfaction of all the financial institutions in the Twin Cities.


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