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Many people wander around looking for what they want to create, their purpose, or what will fulfill and satisfy them, but they don’t have a way to bring clarity and focus to their thoughts. Without clarity there’s no focus. Without focus it’s hard to get traction and there’s a lot of wasted time, emotion and energy expended to make progress.


Good planning processes can help bring crisp clarity and focus to both life and business.  But I must add one caution. Clarity will only get you 25% of the way there.  Intense implementation will bring the actual results of your plan. With good planning you’ll be able to focus on the 20% that makes 80% of the difference in achieving your goals.


To assist you in achieving the clarity you’re looking for I invite you to download this FREE valuable business and life planning information.  It will help you live a more fulfilled life while successfully running your business.


There is no cost or obligation. I’m Larry Freeborg, the founder of “Stepping Through the Gate”. This free information is my way of sharing with you what I’ve learned about and from 50 years of life and business planning.  It’s also my way of introducing you to the world of Stepping Through the Gate. Just fill out and submit the form and you’ll get the three valuable things described below.


Fully Effective Life Assessment

Moods and Emotions are Predispositions for Action. This powerful assessment tool helps you gain clarity regarding your current personal mood and many of the critical issues you’re dealing with. It will help you identify your “stuck” areas.  With this clarity you can choose where to take action to have a more effective, satisfying and fulfilling life.


Focus on Results – Four Stage Business Planning Process

This planning outline / process was designed, and has been well tested, for entrepreneurial businesses.  It is intended to bring clarity and focus in critical areas while avoiding the analysis paralysis, or wishful thinking, of some planning processes. You’ll also find the outline and sequence very useful in planning new product introductions.


“Inspirational Corner” Blog

The “Inspirational Corner” Blog speaks to practical things I’ve discovered during my life journey.  My desire is to share these ideas with you and help you create more joy, satisfaction and fulfillment with the life and business you desire. On rare occasion I may send you an announcement of a presentation I’m giving or an experiential learning workshop I’m running that will be open to the public.

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