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Larry_horse linkedinHow My Services Are Unique


What My Clients Are Saying

“You have the most amazing perceptive, wise, powerful insight — that is offered in a respectful and caring space”

“You have an amazing ability to help build clarity on life plans, goals, visions, in confusion, or even when in emotional turmoil — Clarity first. Then solutions on how to shift. Amazing!”

“You provide feedback in a supportive manner”


My commitment is to your quality of life, as well as to the success of your business – My personal life experience of becoming a widower at age 40, with four children, losing a job in the middle of a recession and starting over with no job, no money, no wife, helped me realize that while work was important in my life, I had other parts of my life that were even more important (like my children, my own dreams and my friendships).


I model what I teach – My commitment to learning is based on my own life experiences and life-long learning journey. I’ve lived a full and rewarding life following my life-driving force “to creatively capitalize on my natural gifts and talents wherever they take me.” My overall life-driving driving force has changed to be the gift I am helping others be the gift that they are – share my knowledge and wisdom in a way that encourages, empowers and inspires others to live fully engaged lives“.


My depth of life and business experience – In the years I spent in corporate America and the additional 30 years I’ve been helping individuals, business leaders and entrepreneurs, I’ve had the opportunity to work through many different problems and situations. You’ll have the benefit of their experience and mine when dealing with your issues and opportunities.


One of my gifts is that I see patterns and combinations of issues and opportunities very fast – If you’re a business leader looking to gain clarity regarding where you want to go with your business and develop a high-performing team to take you there, expect me to recommend strategic planning facilitation, where we can use the Four-Stage Planning Process and the “wisdom of the group” to come up with the best solution for the time. My experience is that outstanding results can be created with this innovative and creative approach to problem solving and strategic business planning.


My willingness to hold you accountable for what you create in your life and business – Sometimes it’s not easy to give people feedback or confront them on their performance. Out of my commitment to your success, you can count on me to do this. See the testimonials above from people who know me well.


I’m not all things to all people but I do have an extended network of highly competent professionals that I trust can meet your needs – There are areas where someone else will be a better resource to take care of your problem than me and I’m not hesitant to recommend them. There are no fees hidden in my referrals. As a result I refer you to whomever I feel is the best for you without any strings attached.


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