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Resources and Links

Here is a brief list of people and organizations that I’ve learned from or worked with.  All have added richly to my life and I respect and appreciate their contribution a lot.   

Hopefully you’ll find these resources useful to help you achieve your goals.

Resources for Equine Guided Coaching / Equine Gestalt Coaching / Equine Assisted Learning

Touched By A Horse (Elizabeth, CO, USA – Melisa Pearce)

Leadership and Horses (Sky Horse Ranch, CA, USA – Ariana Strozzi)

Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA, Santaquin, UT, USA – Lynn Thomas)

HorseDream (Erbach, Germany – Gerhard & Karin Krebs)

Acorns-2-Oaks-Coach (Berkshire, England – David Harris)

Adventures in Awareness, LLC. (Tucson, AZ, USA – Barbara Rector)

Resources Doing Exceptional Family Work & Team Building

Activ8-u, LLC (St. Paul, MN, USA – Erik Gabrielson)

Excellent Help With Challenging Conversations

Another Possibility LLC (Happy Valley, OR, USA – Chris Trani)

Resources Doing Exceptional Personal Transformation Work

Center for Creative Choice (Prescott, AZ – Roger Strachan)

Onsite Workshops

Resources For Better Living

Tuck Sleep – an online community devoted to improving sleep health and wellness

Recommended Learning Institutions and Programs

Newfield Network

Strozzi Institute

Robert Middleton – Action Plan Marketing

Kay Packard, M.A. Master Hand Analyst, Teacher and Coach


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