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Leadership (Equine Guided Coaching)

“Stepping Through the Gate” works with business leaders and professional service providers who want to become more effective leaders of high performing teams. This program helps leaders increase their capability to produce greater results through others and dramatically improve the contribution they make to the company.

Horses demand authenticity, trust, clear intention, a body for action and clear requests to perform effectively. So do employees. Leaders learn from the horses how dramatically their body energy, intention, and way of making requests impacts the performance of their employees.

This opportunity to get honest, frank, real-time feedback from an objective entity (the horse) is one of the rare opportunities for leaders to practice their leadership skills. You’ll learn to build trust, and experience the impact clear intentions and extension of energy have in successfully coordinating action with the horse. The experience working with a horse is directly applicable to leading business teams and effectively coordinating employees’ action for results. See “Why Horses?”. Click for complete details on Equine courses

Come with the expectation to learn the move that is next for you to become a more effective leader, and take advantage of the opportunity to practice it with real-time feedback.

What’s on the other side of the gate for you as a Leader?

  • Awareness of how subtle changes in your body affect your leadership credibility.
  • Direct feedback regarding how your presence and energy extension is impacting your results today (and instant feedback on the results that can happen when you change).
  • Deeper insight regarding your blocked or “stuck” areas and how to develop a body for action to step through them.
  • Learn where fear and self-doubt live in your body, and upon experiencing that, how to be authentic and take action.
  • Experience the importance of clear intentions and how clarity and energy extension impacts people’s willingness to follow your lead.
  • Processes, experiences, and proven tools that help you make the right choices to move forward.
  • Experience the value of support teams in stepping through your gates.

No riding experience necessary. All learning experiences in these sessions take place on the ground.

What’s involved:

One-on-one Equine Coaching Sessions.

Also available upon request are two or three day learning sessions customized to develop your business teams leadership skills. Two day public programs are occasionally offered. See the schedule of events for specific dates.


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