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Sales – Business Development (Equine Guided Coaching)


“The equine system is like a huge receiver and amplifier for emotional vibrations. No matter how good you are at hiding things from yourself and others, your nervous system still involuntarily broadcasts what you’re really feeling, at a frequency horses are especially good at tuning in to.”  – Linda Kohanov

Is your behavior speaking so loudly I can hardly hear your words?

Sometimes a sales rep’s physical presence and behavior speaks so loudly the prospect can hardly hear his/her words. This learning session with horses provides a new way for the Sales Professional to practice and see real-time how their approach, presence, ability to build trust, and ability to lead impacts their ability to successfully create clients.

The horse is a 1,200 pound mirror that demands authenticity. For an effective relationship the horse needs to trust you and see you as a leader they choose to follow. Sales Professionals will experience and understand the steps of a sale in an entirely new way (in their bodies). They will learn how dramatic their body energy, intention, requests and ability to lead impact their sales results.

This unique opportunity to get honest, frank, real-time feedback from an objective entity (i.e., the horse) is one of the few available for sales professionals to see, experience, and practice their impact on prospects and clients in an almost real setting. The “Stepping Through the Gate” selling skills program reaches the emotional and somatic (body) development areas needed by professional sales people and independent professionals to achieve the success they desire.

Our focus in this program is to measurably improve the selling effectiveness of each of the participants. Whether you are a junior sales person, a seasoned pro, a business owner, or a professional service provider, your experience with the horse will take you to a higher level of performance. 

See “Why Horses?”

What’s on the other side of the gate for you as a Sales Professional?

  • Direct feedback regarding how your presence and energy extension is impacting your results today (and instant feedback on the results that can happen when you change).
  • Real-time, physical and emotional experience of the steps it takes to develop a trusting relationship with a prospect and lead them to wanting to learn more about your offer.
  • Receive real-time feedback on how well you are developing trust with your prospect or client and how effectively you’re showing up as a reliable service provider.
  • Experience the body, intention, and energy you need to be an effective sales representative and leader in the relationship.

No riding experience necessary. All learning experiences in these sessions take place on the ground.

What’s involved:

  • Individual Equine Coaching sessions are available on request.
  • Two day public programs are offered for individual sales representatives, business leaders of smaller companies, and independent service providers.
  • If you have more than six people, a two- or three-day equine learning session can be customized to meet your sales department needs.

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