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Problem Solving & Strategic Planning Facilitation

Looking for clarity & focus to develop your business?
Have an opportunity you’d like to capitalize on with an inspired, motivated Team?
Looking to solve a nagging problem that’s been with you and your business team for a long time?
Looking to solve an immediate problem and create a committed team inspired to take the necessary action to resolve the issue?

Larry Freeborg brings his problem solving facilitation skills to:

  • Creative problem solving sessions
  • Business development planning sessions


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Facilitation for Clarification, Focused Action and Results


  • Problem Solving Facilitation

Difficult problems become a lot easier to solve when you have a committed group of people generating ideas on how to solve them. Larry is an expert in the process of stimulating out-of-the-box creative thinking and winnowing it down to clear, focused actionable ideas that the group is committed to achieve.  His engaging style gets everyone involved and engaged. Business leaders leave Larry’s facilitated meetings knowing they’ve truly leveraged the “wisdom of the group” to identify and solve the key business problems and have a clear action plan to follow.


  • Strategic Planning Facilitation – “Focus on Results – A Four Stage Planning Process”

Larry Freeborg’s signature strategic planning process brings clarity to issues and opportunities impacting business leaders today. (click to request a PDF explaining the Four Stage Planning Process in more detail)

Participants learn the importance of working “On” the business as well as “In” the business. Facilitated sessions are designed to help Teams identify and capitalize on key opportunities, and move through “stuck’ areas blocking them from achieving the results desired.

One important benefit of Larry’s facilitated planning sessions is that employees leave committed to implement something they’ve helped create. Employees’ involvement in Larry’s facilitated sessions creates a commitment that business leaders long for.

Clarity and accuracy are imperative if you want to maximize your efforts. We believe that an accurate plan poorly implemented is more successful than a vague or generic plan implemented with brilliant precision.  The focus of the facilitated session is to bring clarity, accuracy and focus to the plan.

Through a disciplined program of idea generation and action plan creation, Larry will help the group develop specific actions for results with clear accountabilities and target dates.

The next step critical to maximizing the planning effort is “intense implementation” of the agreed upon plans. With regular leadership follow-up and support, the involved, committed Team goes forward with great energy and creates extraordinary results. (click for a PDF explaining the Four Stage Planning Process in more detail)


What can you expect with a Larry Freeborg facilitated Problem Solving or Strategic Business Planning Session?

  • Clarity and focus on agreed upon prioritized goals
  • Aligned employees and leaders on what is important to the success of the company
  • Energized, inspired employees creatively solving problems to achieve the desired results
  • Exponential growth if the plan is intensely implemented


What’s involved:

  • Problem Solving Statement pre-work
  • In needed – Pre-work surveys
  • Identify the participants of the Idea Generation/Problem Solving/Planning Group
  • Fact gathering pre-work for the Situation Analysis
  • 4 hr, or 1-2 day facilitated session for problem solving meetings (off-site preferred)
  • 2 or 3 day facilitated session for strategic planning (off-site preferred)
  • Development of an Action Plan with clear accountabilities and target dates
  • Monthly monitoring follow-ups (highly recommended)


Please call Larry Freeborg at 612-723-5395, or e-mail him at if you feel this service meets your needs, or you have more questions.


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