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Is This You?


We work with individuals and business leaders who…


Want to address tough challenges and move through them.

  • Many leaders see opportunities, but are frustrated that they haven’t been able to get their organizations focused enough to realize them.
  • Our experience is that many times people aren’t addressing the key priorities, the 20% that makes 80% of the difference, and don’t have a good system for establishing critical priorities.


Are looking to have a life while pursuing their life dream of having a successful business.

  • Many entrepreneurs, business leaders and independent professionals are struggling with lack of clarity or overwhelm, which prevents them from having a life while they are building their businesses.
  • Many have not accepted that the business or job is part of their life, but not their life.  They have not clarified their life and business priorities.


Want to succeed, but are frustrated with being blocked or “stuck”, and their lack of success in certain areas.

  • It’s frustrating to see what needs to get done, to have tried multiple approaches to solve the problem, and still not achieve success…but you still want to unlatch the lock and step through your gate. We help you move through your “gates” (areas where you’re blocked).


Want to work in a healthy organization that is built on trust and in which people effectively manage their promises.

  • Trust is imperative to achieve in a high performing organization, but many entrepreneurs and business leaders are not clear how to create accountability and effective promise management practices throughout the organization.


Clients who succeed and enjoy working with us are:


Committed to achieve success and have fun getting there.

  • Realize that while business results matter, we spend too many hours at work not to enjoy it.
  • Committed to have the business work for them vs. them working for the business.


Willing to learn how to work “On” the business vs. just “In” the business.

  • Open to considering that planning can work and willing do the work, trusting the result will be better than what they are currently experiencing.
  • Innovative, creative and eager to implement their creations.


Sick and tired of things the way they are and are willing to take the necessary action to make a difference.

  • Recognize they are at “choice” about how they are living their life.
  • Realize they are accountable and responsible for what they create.


Open and willing to learn in innovative, experiential ways.

  • Realize that experience is the best teacher, it just doesn’t always have to be theirs.
  • Open to participate in experiential learning events that will greatly improve their personal performance.


Looking to work with people that manage their promises effectively (or are willing to learn how to).

  • Desire working with a team that is pulling together toward the same goals.
  • Willing to learn how to create a promise management culture.


Open and willing to accept feedback about their own personal leadership skills so they can grow.

  • Realize how important it is receive and integrate feedback for their personal growth
  • Understand that their ability to receive feedback and grow sets a good example for their employees.

When you work with us you will…


  • Experience an effective listener with the ability to listen to your message within the words – Clients have stated that we provide a safe and supportive space to talk, share, and discuss anything and everything. We’re not your counselor or your therapist, but we’ve found that people appreciate having someone available to listen to their issues and work through their issues with them.
  • Experience our deep caring for people to be their best and our genuine interest in seeing people succeed. You will experience a warm, open-hearted individual, who builds trust easily. Our mission in life is to support you in being successful and being all that you want to be.
  • Experience challenging, direct, probing questions to help you get clear – We help you become clear about the key issues and opportunities in your life and business and what you intend to create.
  • Experience the power of overcoming fear and self-doubt – Fear, self-doubt, and a sense of overwhelm are emotions all of us can experience in challenging and difficult transition times. Unknown to many of us is how important presence, balance, being centered and a body for action are during these times. Traditionally, people have tried to move themselves forward through will power, positive thinking, affirmations, commitments and goals. While these processes work, in some important situations we are still blocked from taking action by our fear and self-doubt. We help you move through your fear, self-doubt and overwhelm to achieve the results you want.
  • Get in touch with your aspirations and move through your limiting mindsets, assumptions and beliefs.
  • Clients report that their ability to move their goals and dreams forward is greatly accelerated.  They’ve unlatched the locks and stepped through the gates (the blocks and barriers) holding them back.


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