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Personal Transition and Business Team Coaching

While clarity and accuracy are imperative, nothing happens without action.  Many times you may be able to take the action by yourself.  But in certain situations you will be able to achieve your goals better and faster with help than without.  Coaching is available to support you and your team members to take more effective action and move through blocked and “stuck” areas.

Our coaching helps you capitalize on opportunities you see, and deal more effectively with issues holding you back.  Some of the opportunities are:


  • Get your life back in balance
  • Clarify where you want to go next with your life
  • Refocus your career
  • Deal more effectively with stresses at home


  • Become a more effective leader
  • Grow your business
  • Handle challenging issues at work more effectively
  • Operate more effectively with a difficult employee

Our coaching processes help bring clarity to the issues.  Utilizing language, body, emotions, and when appropriate, equine guides, we support you in taking the action needed to achieve the results you desire.
We will help you clearly articulate your opportunities or issues and move through the limiting assumptions and beliefs holding you back. You will take the necessary action to unlatch your locks and “step through your gates”.


What’s on the other side of the gate for you with personal and team coaching?

  • Limiting assumptions and beliefs hindering performance will be identified, reviewed, clarified and shifted (your choice)
  • You will discover and define new stories to live your life and run your business
  • You will step through your “old gates” and “stories” and begin taking effective action to manifest your dreams
  • You will achieve and experience more joy, peace, and serenity

What’s involved:

  • Clarity of objectives / issues
  • Commitment for an agreed to period of time to work on the problem / issue / opportunity
  • Regular, scheduled supportive meetings – over the telephone or face-to-face
  • Impromptu meetings as needed

Please call Larry Freeborg at 612-723-5395, or e-mail him at if you see a service that meets your needs.


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