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What Gates Do You Need Unlatch to Achieve Your Dreams?


Services and Programs Overview

All of us, at certain times, experience blocks (gates) we must move through to achieve the success we desire… in both our personal lives and businesses.  To help people move forward through blocked or stuck areas, “Stepping Through the Gate” offers unique coaching and experiential learning programs involving language, body movement and horses.  This coaching approach combined with custom programs are designed to empower you to move through your limiting beliefs, in real-time, and begin capitalizing immediately on the opportunities you see.

  • Transition Coaching – Personal & Business Teams

While clarity and accuracy are imperative, nothing happens if you don’t take action. Coaching is available to support you, your individual team members, and your team, in moving forward through blocked or “stuck” areas.
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  • Problem Solving and Strategic Planning Facilitation

Need clarity regarding your life and business direction?  Larry Freeborg provides extremely effective, facilitated, problem solving and strategic business planning sessions to assist you in creating the clarity and focus desired regarding your life and business direction.
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  • How To Have Conversations for Effective Action and Results

An overriding issue impacting business performance today is how well a business team communicates, aligns around top initiatives, creates short term and long-term plans, and holds themselves accountable to deliver results.  The ability to create a culture where people effectively manage their promises and coordinate effective action is a critical element in creating high performance.
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  • Equine Guided Coaching

These experiences are designed to use the real-time feedback of the horse to help improve your ability to move forward in your life in pursuit of your dreams. People working in businesses will experience personal growth as an effective leader.  Custom programs are available to create high performing teams and build sales.
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  • Presentations

Larry Freeborg has extensive experience helping people and companies unlatch where they’re stuck and move forward to achieve their desired results. His inspirational, humorous presentations impart what it takes for people and companies to identify and unlock their stuck areas and “Step Though The Gate” in a fun, enjoyable, life fulfilling way.
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