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Equine Guided Coaching


These coaching/learning sessions are customized to fit your personal needs and the needs of your organization.  On occasion, specific programs are available as public offers.


    • Personal Transformation & Emergence – Unlock and open up your “gates” to realize your dreams. Click for details
    • Sales – Business Development Improve your sales performance by learning how to be of service and manage your energy and presence to improving your performance. Click for details
    • Leadership  Develop your leadership skills to lead high performing teams. Click for details
    • High Performing Teams – Create high performance teams utilizing horses as guides. Click for details

There are many personal transformation, leadership and team building courses available, but very few integrate all three domains of adult learning – language, emotions and the body.

“Stepping Through the Gate” offers selected coaching/learning sessions involving horses, somatic movement, and language where big breakthroughs in behavior and your ability to take action can be achieved.

Remember when you learned how to ride a bike? Once you learned how to balance, pedal and steer the bike, the experience registered in your body and still resides in your body today. Even though you may not have ridden a bike for a long time, your body remembers what to do. Most of us wouldn’t expect to learn how to ride a bike from a book, watching a video, or from being told how to do it. We know experience and practice is the best teacher.

Because “Stepping Through The Gate” coaching/learning integrates all three important domains of adult learning – the body, emotion and language – your learning experience is deeper, longer lasting and applicable immediately.

If you’re coming to a workshop – Come with an expectation to gain insight about what’s been holding you or your team back and plan to leave with clarity, energy and a body to take action to achieve your desired results.

No riding experience necessary. All learning experiences in these sessions take place on the ground.


Accomplished, Skillful Associates

Seasoned, experienced professionals, hand picked by Larry Freeborg based on their ability to create results, collaborate with Larry to put on “Stepping Through the Gate” experiential learning programs. Each teaching team member is trained in their specific area of experiential learning and coaching. All are committed to create openings for you to step through your “gates”.


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